Khepera Charter School
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Philadelphia, PA 19119
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About Us

Khepera Charter School is founded on the belief that, given a caring and nurturing environment, every child can reach high academic standards. Achievement goals are based on self- esteem, and the knowledge and appreciation of his/her cultural heritage.

Our Mission is to:
• Create world class learners and leaders by closing the academic achievement gap attributed to race, gender and economics
• Provide accelerated curriculum for our junior learning partners
• Promote teaching and learning within an environment of high academic standards
• Promote an appreciation and valuing of self and others in the extended community
• Promote socialization and character development rooted in cultural values of respect for self and others

Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy is symbolized by the Khepera Scarab Beetle. This ancient Kemetic symbol is associated with the life giving force of the sun. Just as the energy of the sun propels us to greater heights, Khepera provides a holistic education that propels the students to strive for academic and social excellence.


Khepera Charter School offers a small family- like nurturing environment for every child. Our excellent staff of experienced and committed teachers ensures that each child reaches maximum potential. In addition, we offer:
• Small class size
• Individualized care and assistance/tutoring
• Before and After school care
• Summer academic support and enrichment
• Community service


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